Location parameter in Sitecore Azure Toolkit

Location parameter in Sitecore Azure Toolkit

When I was creating my first Sitecore environment in Azure with Sitecore Azure Toolkit, I used the walkthrough from Sitecore's own documentation (which I highly recommend to anyone looking to get started with running Sitecore on Azure).

It might seem funny, but I immediately got stuck on one of the first steps - filling in the JSON file with deployment parameters. The first parameter is location, which confused me from the start. I knew which region I wanted - Europe North, but how should I enter it so it is interpreted correctly? I tried looking through the links provided by Sitecore - the compatibility table and Microsoft's region explainer, but nothing seemed to aid me.

Admittedly, I must've lost my Google-fu skills that morning for now I can find that information easily. I'm still writing this post to help people like me - lost, confused and in a dire need of a new Sitecore environment. I entered Europe North in the parameters file and hoped for the best.

As you probably suspect, the deployment failed as the location parameter was incorrect. Fortunately for me, the correct location keys were listed in the error message, so I was happy and quickly started the deployment again, this time with complete success.

But I didn't want to make relying on an error message a habit so I dived into the depths of MSDN and found what I was looking for:


Yes, it was that easy. Of course, first you need to run Connect-AzureRmAccount and log in to Azure, but that's it.

Here is an good question and answer on Stack Overflow, which I found after writing the whole post 😉

Cover photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash

The cover photo is a reference to my state when I was trying to Google the information and couldn't find it 😁

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